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Bonenghua Academic Alliance is an organization dedicated to strengthening the connection between Eastern and Western orthopaedic surgeons. We will work hard through a series of high-quality and diversified education and training activities to help Chinese medical professionals in the orthopaedic community better understand the latest medical technology. , Methods and products and provide support for improving clinical results, thereby accelerating their career development. The alliance relies on the condensed knowledge of well-known orthopaedic experts and related professionals at home and abroad as the basis, and has dozens of cooperative medical institutions in North America, Europe and Asia. The majority of doctors provide opportunities and resources for domestic advanced training, overseas advanced training, diversified international academic exchanges, and professional development.

Our vision is to continuously improve the standard of orthopaedic healthcare by promoting the exchange of medical technologies and ideas among medical professionals worldwide.

Our mission is to create and cultivate a global exchange platform for orthopaedic medical professionals, to promote new orthopedics through such forms as scholarships at home and abroad; academic seminars; doctor training; and regional, national and international academic conferences. Technology; communication, learning, and development of treatment techniques, methods, and product use to achieve the ultimate goal of benefiting Chinese orthopedic medical care.


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