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Position: Assistant to the President

description of job:

1. Be a good assistant to the president, play a role of connecting with each other, and earnestly provide a full range of services.

2. Under the leadership of the president, he is responsible for the layout, implementation, inspection, supervision and implementation of the specific management of the enterprise.

3. Responsible for the classification and submission of various documents. Please ask the group leaders to review and approve them and transfer them to relevant departments for processing.

4. Do a good job in organizing work and meeting records of the president's office meeting and other meetings. Draft and release documents such as resolutions and decisions.

5. Do a good job of issuing, registering, transmitting, urging, filing and archiving documents inside and outside the enterprise.

6. Responsible for the processing of official documents inside and outside the company, resolve incoming letters and visits, and handle and report in a timely manner.

7. Liaison with foreign guests and reception work.


1. National unified enrollment of undergraduate degree or above, English major is preferred, fluent written and spoken language skills;

2. Experienced assistant to the president and secretary is preferred;

3. Integrity, quick thinking, clear organization, meticulous work, serious and responsible;

4. Skilled in using Microsoft operating system and office software.

contact details:


Phone: 010-51906650-101

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